Sunday, June 21, 2009

nishjin textile neighborhood

we spent a wonderful day wandering around nishijin, our old neighborhood where the kimono making industry is based. spinning, dying, weaving, designing, handpainting all happens here. the first images are of raw silk, then there's a pic of the weaving patterns, the next batch shows an artist hand painting a kimono.

kugi nugi jizo

a favorite shrine here in kyoto is kugi nugi jizo, a small, intimate place that is covered with emas [prayer tablets] that have nail pullers attached. the nail pullers are for pain removal.

avril yarn store

i'm happy to have discovered a wonderous yarn store here in kyoto. avril yarns has an amazing variety of colors and textures and a vast selection of undyed silk and wool and cotton yarns.

first uji gori of the year.

strong sweet green tea [macha] poured over shaved ice the consistency of spun sugar, topped with sweet azuki beans and mochi and macha jelly and macha ice cream. what could be better in the summer heat.

toji flea market, round 3

some toji flea market treasures.