Sunday, June 14, 2009

more rice planting festival at fushimi

rice planting festival at fushimi

a rainy rice planting festival at fushimi inari shrine. a procession to the rice fields where new shoots were planted.

japanese spring wagashi

these wagashi [japanese sweets]are for late spring and evoke to iris and water, and the fresh green plum that are in the markets now. they are made from mochi and sweet white bean paste and are from a historic shop in gion.

japanese weddings

pictures of two japanese weddings. the first is in kyoto,with the bride wearing an elaborate wig. the second is in tokyo the bride is in a traditional bridal outfit.

nishi hongji

these are pics of a beautiful gate at nishi hongji and of some beautiful sleeping boys in the temple.

aoi matsuri festival

aoi matsuri cart with bull

aoi matsuri festival

most of these photos of the aoi matsuri festival were shot by my girl, thea. note the stunning textiles.

more restaurant kitchens

i love how intimate and tiny the restaurant kitchens are, especially those of the fancy gion restaurants. also note the cool kitchen geita [shoes].