Friday, May 15, 2009

Winners of the collage competition

Hooray for the artists who created these stunning, green-inspired collages! We put all submissions into a hat and drew three winners, but because the entries are so fab, we're posting them all. Thank you so much for sending in the wonderful art and a great big thank you to the incredible Tara Lazar for organizing this. You can read the interview we did together on her blog: Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at: You can also follow her on twitter @taralazar. Her posts are always interesting!

Now, drum roll, please! The prize winners are [their art is shown in the following order ]:

Verity, age 7. Her collage is called "The Earth's Garden". She wins a
signed copy of OK Go!

, age 4. She made her collage using photos from recycled magazines and included "green" words in her art. She wins
a signed bookplate and an All Mixed Up mini-book!

, age 10. His collage shows a parade of guys holding potted plants with a tree marching behind him. H
e wins a signed bookplate and an All Mixed Up mini-book!

And the following artists win an All Mixed Up mini-book!
Rohan, age 8. He used shavings of bitter gourd to make the earth on recycled paper [very inventive!!]

, age 5. This collage is Charlotte's interpretation of a recycling symbol.

, Age 4. He created his collage to show his idea of being earth-friendly. He thinks helping animals is extremely important.

, Age 4. He named his collage "Neighbourhood Streetscape".

, Age 8. Her artwork was inspired by planting trees and flowers.

Again, a hearty thank you and applause to all!